Week in Review- October 12, 2017

The adolescents have had a great week hosting the 5th and 6th year students from both CMS and Oak Haven Montessori.
Here is our Week in Review:
  • On Mondaystudents participated in an investigation of linear functions by documenting how quickly a birthday candle burns. They collected and graphed their data to show candle height as a function of time. In grammar, we focused on our academic writing and the use of the word “that”.
  • On Tuesday, students studied exponential growth and decay with M&Ms.  Following this delicious investigation, the students discussed the function of verbals in writing and communicating ideas.
  • On Thursdaystudents analyzed data by comparing their estimates of celebrities’ ages with the actual ages as an introduction to lines of best fit and regression analysis.
  • Tomorrow, students will have the opportunity to explore and learn on the Land Campus. The adolescents have planned a nature-focused scavenger hunt, the group will participate in a lesson on how erosion and weathering have shaped our property, and the students will have a chance to catch some of the native fish and invertebrates in our creek.
  • The group also spent time preparing and planning for the CMS Annual Pumpkin Hunt and worked on setting up a web store for their micro-economy.

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