It’s November, already!

It has been an exciting week with Student-led conferences and the final stages of the humanities and occupations projects in full swing. Jenna and I have gained such insight from listening to the students explain to their parents their perspective, understanding, and enjoyment of the program. We are grateful for the dedication our class shows in their education.

Mathematics: Absolute value equations, forming linear equations from word problems, graphing linear equations, Here’s looking at Euclid by Alex Bellos seminar discussion on the number Pi, Investigating the number e, Interest rates and exponential growth, Cubic functions, Quadratics review

Language: Idioms, writing effective introductions and conclusions, essay writing tips, run-on sentences, comma splices, and fragments, Hiroshima book discussion

Humanities and Occupations: Group work and individual work periods

Expressions: International Film Festival [Booming Grounds (highlighted the vanishing prairie habitat through the story of the Greater Prarie Chicken)& Jane (the story of Jane Goodall with original National Geographic footage)], student-conferences

Community/ Micro-economy: Pumpkin Hunt review, Turkey trot preparation, and SignUp Genius



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