Week in Review- Friday, Noember 17

Mathematics: What’s going on in this graph( labor participation force & American Public vs. Nutritionists views on healthy food), solving and graphing linear equations, graphing micro-economy projects, continuous exponential functions, modeling phenomena (the cold virus in a population), The Fascinating Story of Logarithms

Langauge:  Types of writing, specifically, technical writing and science writing, Carl Sagon’s Pale Blue Dot, Peer-editing session for research paper, Charles Darwin writing prompt, Blind date writing workshop, Fragments, Hiroshima discussion

Humanities & Occupations: Presentation day practice and preparation

Expressions: Community lunch, Introduction to the world of irises and the American Iris Society (Thank you, Erin and Jean!)

Micro-Economy: TURKEY TROT!, accounting, Grandparent’s Day preparations


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