Week in Review-Thursday, November 30

This week, the students presented their studies from the first trimester to the CMS community. Topics ranged from sigma notation in mathematics to weathering and erosion on the Land campus, video editing, and photo-realism. The students also wrote and performed their own play on the transition of mankind from hunter-gatherer to agricultural cultures. Congrats, class. You should be proud of your work. You are AWESOME!

Here is how Trimester 2 kicked off…

Mathematics: Visual thinking and reasoning exercises in Geometry, selecting and planning trimester 2 math units, math seminar, point-slope, slope-intercept, and equations, given a slope and a point.

Occupations/Science: If No One Owns the Moon seminar, SI Units of measure and their significance to the Scientific Method, Newton’s 1st Law of Motion/Coin Drop Experiment

Language: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Act I discussion, What if memories were currency… writing workshop, research paper evaluations

Expression: Introduction to the history of American Music, Introduction to technology and engineering: Design Process (marshmallow and spaghetti structure  project), Music to Me art project

Community & micro-economy: Spring trip planning, movie night prep, Introduction to Marketing & Advertising

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