Week in Review: Friday, December 8

Mathematics: JERSEY’S PIZZA PROJECT, group breakouts (squares, right triangles, and areas, probability, adding and subtracting exponents, intro. to Geometry, solving quadratic equations, volume problems), FACTORING

Language: A Raisin in the Sun Act II discussion, participle phrases (Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’), Langston Hughes’s poem A Dream Deferred analysis, Free-verse poetry, Henry Thoreau Where I Lived, and What I Lived For seminar, transcendentalism

Science: Making a one-second clock using pendulums, applying Newton’s laws of motion to the construction of geodesic domes, scalar vs. vector quantities, the structural strength of triangles explained using vectors

Expressions: “Barbara Allen” song analysis and discussion, gumbo community lunch/ zydeco blues lesson

Micro-economy: The psychology and philosophy of branding and marketing (Maslow’s Triangle), marketing to teens, prep for movie night


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