Week in Review- Thursday, January 25

Mathematics: Graphing and solving systems of inequalities, writing systems of inequalities in word problems, geometric puzzles, simplifying radicals, operations with radicals.

Expressions: Soccer for recess, a percussion band of natural materials from the Land, Iris Show planning meeting

Language: Jane Eyre, The Hound of Baskervilles, and The Hobbit book discussions. Persuasive Speeches. Literature seminar on the science fiction story¬†They’re Made of Meat.

Humanities: Keeping track of sources, works cited page vs. bibliography, organization tips for research papers, and Model UN workshop with Stephanie, from Civitas.

Science/Occupations: Gaga pit and bee proposals. Seminar on cosmic inflation and radio astronomy. Rockets- studying the mechanisms that allow for space travel with balloons, straws, fishing line, and tape.

Micro-Economy: We have begun to plan our schedule for next year’s events, including a few new ones, and Movie Night.