T2 Presentation Day: poker, Ottomans, stop-motion, tuning forks, dances, music, and dry ice!

This past week has been packed. Packed with presentations. Wait, that was only one day… Well, that day was packed with so many presentations it felt like the entire week. On Wednesday, the Adolescents presented research that they had acquired over the course of the past two months, and it was a lot. They covered topics like humanities, physical science, dance, printing, and at the very end, a musical performance using materials from the land. The next day, they spent roughly two hours working with dry ice, AKA frozen carbon dioxide. It’s really cool, and… Well, just keep reading.

Dry Ice Sonnet

There was some ice that was drier than rice

That was out of this world, called dry ice

There was none on Earth, but a ton on Mars

It might shine like stars, but can’t drive like cars

It is created by freezing some gas

And is used with much joy inside our class

We are hoping our teacher will get some

In order for that, I must write poem

Dry ice is dry without a liquid state

Which doesn’t mean that it is used as bait

At less than minus hundred fahrenheit

Its bark is nothing compared to its bite

Dry ice, dangerous, but fun to play with

We need to buy some, according to myth


Also, we actually did go to the land on Thursday, and some of us got stranded on an island. Stuff like that happens, you know.

The Feast of Yeast!!!

Today was an exciting day in the adolescent classroom. The adolescents happily welcomed our many visitors (mainly sixth-graders) to a fun-filled day of new lessons and food! After an introduction to the fascinating world of yeast, the students broke up into groups to conduct a variety of experiments involving sugar, water, flour, and yeast. Some of the experiments were gooey, some were liquidy, and others were in test tubes. The group prepared calzones for lunch (basically pizzas wrapped in their crusts) and continued the day with a chemistry discussion about yeast.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Week in Review- Thursday, February 8

This week’s highlights

Math: Students presented their Trimester II math projects which included the following topics: the probability of catching a fish, U.S. Olympic Medal trends, the probability of heredity, human population growth using exponential equations, the odds of Texas Hold ’em Poker, horse racing, the lottery,  and an introduction to permutations and combinations.  The class also continued conversations about lines, absolute value, and systems of equations. We began new units in functions, quadratics, and the unit circle.

Language: George Benard Shaw’s Pygmalion reading discussionThe importance of word choice (Dear thesaurus, I love you.),  the six traits of writing, tips for writing an effective opinion piece (response to “Social media is ripping society apart.”), sentence fluency checklist

Humanities and Occupations: PM work periods/ prep for T2 presentation day. Presentation Day is Wednesday, February 21.

Expressions: VEX Robot construction, the class built 2 robots and designed obstacle courses/ tasks for the robots to complete. There will be more design challenges to come now that we have our robots activated.


Week in Review- Friday, February 2

The adolescent students are dropping like flies! Even with half our class gone due to illness, we managed to get some good work done. Here are some of the highlights from the week:

Math: Systems of inequalities, seminar, algebra test

Language: Key transition words & phrases, idea machines, student-designed schools, January book projects

Expressions: Stop-motion animation projects, hiking at Babler State Park

Humanities and Occupations: Work periods/ prep for trimester 2 presentation day, What are the ethical implications of emerging tech? seminar

Micro-economy/ community work; Gaga pit proposal, AP Inc. document