Week in Review- Thursday, February 8

This week’s highlights

Math: Students presented their Trimester II math projects which included the following topics: the probability of catching a fish, U.S. Olympic Medal trends, the probability of heredity, human population growth using exponential equations, the odds of Texas Hold ’em Poker, horse racing, the lottery,  and an introduction to permutations and combinations.  The class also continued conversations about lines, absolute value, and systems of equations. We began new units in functions, quadratics, and the unit circle.

Language: George Benard Shaw’s Pygmalion reading discussionThe importance of word choice (Dear thesaurus, I love you.),  the six traits of writing, tips for writing an effective opinion piece (response to “Social media is ripping society apart.”), sentence fluency checklist

Humanities and Occupations: PM work periods/ prep for T2 presentation day. Presentation Day is Wednesday, February 21.

Expressions: VEX Robot construction, the class built 2 robots and designed obstacle courses/ tasks for the robots to complete. There will be more design challenges to come now that we have our robots activated.


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