T3 Math Presentations

This morning, the students gave their third and final Math Project presentations of the year. There is something special about these presentations and, if you haven’t spoken with our students about what they choose to study, you should. In two hours of presentations, the students learn from each other, rather than the guides, about complex topics- from applications of trigonometry in construction, climbing wall design, computer programming, and animation, to geodesic dome construction, architecture, and logarithmic modeling. As guides, we provide the students with a general theme, and it is up to them to decide on which area to focus. The project has no requirements other than research, demonstrate, and present an area of focus- that is all. What happens next is something that is a product of the students’ gift of creativity, passion for knowledge, and hard work. The bar had been set fairly high; and since today was the final day for math projects, we expected them to bring a lot to the table…and they certainly did! We were very impressed and it was obvious that the students were proud of their work.

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