Presentation Day: The Last One of the Year!! Poems at End: Please Read.

On the first day of last week (Monday, if you didn’t know), we had our last presentation day of the year. We presented topics such as Trigonometry, the Slave Trade, Economics, and Bees. At the end of the Presentation Day, students each presented a summary of the year in their own words. Two students (The Awesome Amazing  Alpaca Anna as one and the Extravagant, Extra-cool, Elliptical and Elastic Embry as the other) chose to write a poem for this assignment. Here they are:

Finale 1

by The Awesome Amazing Alpaca Anna


September was first.

I portaged a large canoe

And ate great burgers.


Haunted house reading.

We rode our bikes every week

While leaves fell from trees.


November brought firsts:

My first presentation day

And student conference


December lacked snow.

But we had a winter break

And saw Star Wars Ⅷ!


Back to school, we came.

We had a Shaw overnight

In the cold winter.


All of a sudden,

All of our projects were due:

Reports, essays, math.


In March, no big things.

We did have a nice spring break,

Still with cold weather.


Well, guess what? It snowed!

In the last week, we tested.

I hope we did well.


May feels like summer.

We’ll go to Memphis this week.

Last day of school soon.

-By The Awesome Amazing Ambush-safe Alpaca Anna


Finale 2

by The Extravagant, Extra-cool, Elliptical and Elastic Embry


We made some bowls and cups out of clay,

We played a game with a paddle and a ball,

We watched the leaves of a burning prairie sway,

We got to act out scenes big and small.

I drew a ship high and mighty,

I performed a monologue about dinosaurs,

I helped build a home for things that are flighty,

I helped dig a trench, too small for wars.

My class started to present our big projects

My class went to a general assembly

My class had many Irises to collect,

Presentation day be later we plea!

In the end we did just fine,

Everyone just seemed to shine!


-By The Extravagant, Extra-cool, Elliptical and Elastic Embry


We thank all who have taken their time to read this post. We think you’re just fantastic!

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