Autumn Approaches!

It’s that time of year again! From here on, the class prepares for the upcoming Fall events: the Pumpkin Hunt and the Fall Market Days.

“During this wonderful month of October, we begin to see changes happening in the environment around us: the trees turn bright orange and then to red, the fallen leaves start collecting in piles, and the air gets much colder.

“A change is also seen in us humans. We develop more of a festive mood, as is evident by the pumpkins by the front door, the spooky decorations in the front yard, and the stockpiling of apple butter and pumpkin pie in the fridge. We start to enjoy ourselves a little more, perhaps by taking a walk out in the cooler weather, preparing a homemade meal in the kitchen, or finding some straw and doing who-knows-what with it.

“And the holidays. Who can ever forget Halloween and Thanksgiving? A festive, spooky event outside in the cold winds of the night, dressed in costumes and begging for candy at the door. A relaxing, warm, and friendly occasion when you welcome friends and family relatives to the dinner table as you feast on a great big turkey. Perhaps afterward, you might sit down on the couch and watch the NFL with your uncle and grandfather, or you might catch up with your aunt and grandmother at a nearby table.

“Autumn really is a special season.”

— Carson

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