AP Winter Retreat 2019!

The adolescents had a great time at Shaw Nature Reserve. The cabins there were really nice. They were heated and had bunk beds! Our morning routine was waking up, some earlier than others, to begin prep for breakfast. We had a very organized crew of cooking and cleaning. After breakfast, we had a program where we learned about wetlands and the unique ecosystems at Shaw.  We also discussed literature and had free time to play cards and read. We went hiking all of the days with an educator who shared with us nature stuff.  The very last day we went to Washington University’s Tyson Research Center to learn about wolves. The Endangered Wolf Center at Tyson protects wolfs and releases them. They had some of the most endangered species of wolves on the planet and Painted African Dog pups! All in all, the trip was great and the incoming adolescents have something to look forward to next year. 


Week in Review-Friday, January 18

SNOW! This week was all about snow! Instead of a normal Monday math seminar, the week began with a morning of cross-country skiing at CMS! With help from my dad (thanks dad!), everyone had a pair of skis and tracks to follow. It was hard not to fall over from the joy and laughter, and just as hard to stay upright with our attempts at downhill skiing. Skiing was a very enjoyable activity, and one of my highlights from this week’s snow activities.

The next day, we went sledding down a nice big hill in the back of the GTC. The most fun part of sledding was going down the hill in a chain where we would hold on to each other’s sleds and hope we would not crash.

We also went to a play at the Repertory Theater of St. Louis called Alabama Story. Set in 1959, Alabama Story centered around a librarian and her conflict with an Alabama senator who wanted to censor a book titled The Rabbits Wedding by Garth Williams. We had great conversations about censorship, freedom of speech, and banned books in class.

We continued to go sledding the rest of the week but the snow was melting. We got pretty wet and muddy, but that didn’t stop us.

Of course, this week was still a school week, so we spent time indoors having lessons and working on projects. Some memorable activities included the following:

  • literature discussion of the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
  •  Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late seminar speeches (these were very informative and expressed what students found most important from the article)
  • occupations seminar (which was actually three articles all discussing the impact of modern technology on schools as well as the future)
  • mock interviews (practice for interviews that we might have later in our future). These interviews were also a follow up to our lesson on how to prepare for an interview

We also have been busy planning our overnight to Shaw Nature Reserve next week and are hoping that our trip will not get snowed out.

And, last but not least, we started preparing for our upcoming Presentation Day by assigning groups and deciding on our research topics, but we do not want to spoil it for you so early. We had a very eventful and busy week. Have a great weekend!





Week in Review-Friday, January 11

Hello there! How is your week going? We have had a very eventful week! The week started out very sloooowwwww, because everyone was recovering from a nice long break. We started off with a very quiet current events discussion. We talked about things from climate change to President Trump. This week (in math) the seventh graders were working on solving their way through inequalities. The eighth graders (and Carson) have been reviewing things to make sure they are completely ready for math programs in high school. Everyone switched to language after the math workshop. The class is working on interviewing skills along with some grammar rules.
On Monday afternoon we presented our African map projects. We had worked on these in pairs over the break, so there was a lot to share!

Tuesday was a very eventful day. We had a database/EBSCO Host specialist named Rebecca visit our class. Rebecca is an experienced reference librarian at the St. Louis County Library. She helped us with writing researching papers. Shortly after her presentation, we made our way over to the main campus to work on our classroom iris bed. We cleared all the dead foliage and cut out the rotten irises.

Wednesday was AWESOME! The class split into 2 groups (boys and girls). The two teams created Rube Goldberg machines. We had SO much fun! We spent the afternoon playing chess with a special guest named Joey (Ms. Corrinne’s son). We did not want it to end. We spent the rest of the afternoon training for our spring trip, where we will be hiking up mountain peaks.

Thursday was a slower day. We had a few projects due and we had a seminar in humanities. For this seminar, we did something a little different. We were assigned to write a speech about the article. Before the seminar we had the head of school, Ms. Kim, come in for a grace and courtesy lesson. Shortly after we had a very informative meeting about or spring trip. We discussed the agenda and when we needed to be at the airport (4:30 AM!). We will be traveling across the country to Olympic National Park in Washington state the week after Spring Break.

Today, we are all hoping for a half day for snow. When we arrived we had our morning meeting that transitioned into our council meeting. After that, we had a long work period. In the afternoon we made paper mache masks, then we made our way home for the weekend, where we have a TON of homework… yay…  Overall the week was very eventful and fun and we are looking forward to another great week.