AP Winter Retreat 2019!

The adolescents had a great time at Shaw Nature Reserve. The cabins there were really nice. They were heated and had bunk beds! Our morning routine was waking up, some earlier than others, to begin prep for breakfast. We had a very organized crew of cooking and cleaning. After breakfast, we had a program where we learned about wetlands and the unique ecosystems at Shaw.  We also discussed literature and had free time to play cards and read. We went hiking all of the days with an educator who shared with us nature stuff.  The very last day we went to Washington University’s Tyson Research Center to learn about wolves. The Endangered Wolf Center at Tyson protects wolfs and releases them. They had some of the most endangered species of wolves on the planet and Painted African Dog pups! All in all, the trip was great and the incoming adolescents have something to look forward to next year. 


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