The Sensational Excursions and Outings of the AP

This fall has proven to be filled with many delightful, inspiring and remarkable outings and adventures for the CMS Adolescent Program. Through the morale-boosting and team-building challenges that took place at the ropes course at Principia College, the enlightening information and scientific observations that were made at the World Bird sanctuary, and the hard-working and collective efforts in planting trees on the land lab, along with the CMS 6th grade students, the AP students have revealed positive growth in leadership, participation, collaboration, effective listening skills, self-confidence and communication. Please take a moment to check out some of the exclusive writings below, written by the AP bloggers, as they share more specifically, the details of these various exciting events and activities.

JR- “Principia was a place we visited for the low ropes course field trip. While we were there we got to do team building exercises, but we weren’t able to go on the actual ropes, which was surprising because it said “ropes course”. Instead, we worked together on games that were meant to help us work on our communication and collaboration skills. Mr. Doug tried to make sure we were having fun and advocated for us to be a “member of the team” and to speak up. At the end of the trip we made promises/ goals for ourselves that we now have hanging up on our lockers, so that were always reminded of what we strive to accomplish.”

JR- Here you can see N using a device to track a turtle during one of our field trips to the low ropes course. Everyone got a chance to use the device to find a cute turtle and we were able to find them.”

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JR- “In this photo you can see the AP students trying to make it to the safe zone, while balancing on the boards. During or trip to the low ropes course, we worked together as a team to make it across onto the roped area on the right side of the photo”.   

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JM- “We went to the world bird sanctuary a few weeks ago and learned about some awesome birds and even got to see a private bird show! We learned about: screech owls and barred owls, peregrine falcons, eagles, and other cool birds. After the show we saw some other birds like vultures, ravens, owls, and even a couple emus! There also was a snowy owl. He would stare at us at all times; it was a hoot. He would not hide behind anything just stared at us. Did you know that screech owls do not actually screech? I thought that was very interesting. Watch for wounded birds!”

RB- “On picture day, we went to the land and planted some trees and shrubs with the sixth graders. It was fun. We got to show them around the Land Lab (again) and teach them how to plant trees. We didn’t finish planting the trees on that day, but it was really nice seeing them, and playing with them again. Mr. Mike even brought us Gatorade (thank you Mr. Mike). We planted a bunch of different things, like chokeberry, beauty berry, and oak and wahoo trees. WE planted many native plants, and one or two non-native plants. Even though we had to leave early because of a storm, it was nice seeing all of our friends that day.”