Week in Review-Thursday, September 20

Mathematics: “What’s going on in this graph?”, dot plots/bar graphs, binomial cube, fourth power of a binomial, mean, median, and mode, box plots, 5-number summaries, and more!

Language: Verb-agreement exercises, writing and identifying thesis statements, themes in works of literature, dialogue as a tool for characterization, dialogue skits, parts of speech quizzes.

Humanities: Defining humanities, defining a civilization,  introduction to the humanities timelines, introduction to Ancient Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia seminar, current events

Expressions/ Occupations: Winslow’s Farm visit, American Iris Society introduction (Thanks Erin and Jean!), Bush Honeysuckle table construction (Thanks Dale Dufer!), AP Inc. marketing and advertising for the Grillfest

Committee work: CMSAP compost program, GTC garden planning, Land School field guide/plant identification, Pink Tower Button quote, yearbook and technology

Week in Review: Friday, March 30

Mathematics: Quadratics projects, percents, proportions, ratios, math seminar, and intro to logarithms

Language: Picture prompt, Visual analysis presentations, Tips for writing emails (netiquette), How to write a screenplay, Endurance final discussion and film, Roots, prefixes, and suffixes quiz

Humanities: Human Trafficking/ Modern slavery seminar, Timeline of Atlantic Slave Trade, T3 research topics

Occupations: Painted and designed the bee box, Constructed the bee frames, Prepared the bee yard

Expressions: Scenes from a hat improv, Middle school monologues, Community lunch

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!






Week in Review-Friday, March 23

Mathematics: Factor cards, quadratic equations, logic puzzles, exponents and the number e quiz

Language: Prefixes, suffixes, and roots presentations, grammar stories and charts, Endurance Discussion Day/ film

Humanities: Howard Zinn’s Black and White, opening lessons on the slave trade

Expressions: Visual art analysis, beehive art proposal, improvs

Occupations: Bees!!!!, beehive construction, honeysuckle sweep, water investigation, and trench digging on the Land w/ Mr. Mike

Micro-economy: Economic systems, free-economy, current events (trade tariffs)

Community: Committee work (iris show, spring trip, land projects, bees, curriculum planning)